Why PHP 7.2 Is Important

thephp.cc gives an overview of some of the internal changes that have happened to PHP over the last few versions, to try and discover the actual impact of these changes. Based on this they discuss some of the behind the scenes changes in PHP 7.2 and why they are more important than they might seem in the article Why PHP 7.2 Is Important.

Laravel 5.6

The new major version of Laravel version 5.6 (because who needs semver or standards). As always Laravel-News does the hard work of summarizing What's new in Laravel 5.6.

Stand up against the standup

At work, we're currently taking an in-depth look at our processes and how we can improve them. As much as I like getting together with my colleagues on a daily basis to hear what everybody is working on, the daily standup can be quite a productivity killer if done (and planned) wrong. To solve this issue I suggested trying doing asynchronous standups on Slack inspired by articles like Stand up against the stand-up.

Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

Related to the article about asynchronous daily standups I was reminded about Paul Graham's interesting thoughts about the difference between the Maker's schedule and the Manager's schedule.