Oh yes, Unix

The Unix philosophy focuses on minimalist, modular software. A beautiful example of this is the yes command, which repeatedly prints the character 'y'. This sounds really simple, but Matthias Endler wrote a little story about the yes Unix command where he dives into writing his own copy of the tool and runs into some quite interesting issues.

PHP Versions Stats

Once again Jordi Boggiano has released the PHP version stats collected from

Software architectures, putting it all together

Last month I mentioned Herberto Graca's Event Driven Architecture article. The article is a part of a larger theme on software architecture. In his new article DDD, Hexagonal, Onion, Clean, CQRS, … How I put it all together he talks about just that, putting it all together.

PHP 7.2 release

The release of the newest feature release of the PHP 7 branch, PHP 7.2 has been announced. All new features can be found in the PHP 7.2 RFC and more details on the changes and upgrading can be found in the PHP 7.2 migration guide

Some notable features worth mentioning are: