Asynchronous stack traces: why await beats .then()

First up, Mathias Bynens has an interesting look into how JavaScript stack traces are generated, and why await beats .then() when it comes to debugging.

Writing speaking code & ineffective coding habits

As always I've been watching a bunch of recorded talks, but two of them really spoke to me. The first one is Caleb Porzio's talk at this year's Erie Day of Code. His talk Writing Code That Speaks reiterates how code is written way more times than it's written as he dives into the language expressed in the code.

The second talk is Kevlin Henney's talk from the 2016 Istanbul Teck Talks where he discusses Seven Ineffective Coding Habits that makes code harder to maintain.

HTTP/2 and APIs

I've previously written about some of the advantages of HTTP/2, and I'm generally a proponent of the protocol upgrade. In his article Let’s Stop Building APIs Around a Network Hack Phil Sturgeon argues how HTTP/2 will help make APIs simpler and more performant, by deprecating concepts like compound documents.

Event-Driven Architecture

In his article about Event-Driven Architecture Herberto Graca gives some background to the concept and some of it's advantages and disadvantages. He also has some interesting examples of where using events can help clean an application's structure, as well as where it shouldn't be used.

Software architecture is failing

On a more negative note Alex Hudson has a piece claiming that Software architecture is failing in which he argues that some architectural patterns are being hyped so much that we as developers forget to be critical when choosing which makes sense for the problem we're trying to solve.