Another month is coming to an end, and again that means I'll try to summarize some of the most interesting articles I've read. Because of holidays, it's been a pretty short month for me work-wise. That also means that this month's list is pretty short, but the content is really high quality.

For a while, I've been considering how to prevent my controllers to get too bloated. Laravel 5.5 introduces the responsable interface, which I believe will help provide a nice convention for where to put the logic that often ends up in the controllers. Another option suggested by Jens Segers, is to turn the normal entity-based controllers into callable request handlers, narrowing their focus, which I also think is an interesting approach.

I first heard about Event Sourcing at last year's Laracon EU at Mitchell van Wijngaarden's talk Future is a thing of the past. Mitchell's background was very theoretic, though, meaning that at the time he hadn't built any large-scale applications using the approach. That's why I found it really interesting when Barry O Sullivan wrote his article Event Sourcing: What it is and why it's awesome, providing an introduction to the concept of event sourcing, from somebody who works with it in the trenches of every day development.

I also found this list of 5 interesting Vuex plugins, for the Vue state management plugin Vuex.