The pages of the calendar has turned, and our dates now start with 2018, at least for those of us following ISO-8601. Still in this new year, I'm planning to keep doing my monthly lists of interesting tech-related articles to read.

Starting from today I'm starting a new job as a backend developer at the Danish food waste startup Too Good To Go, so the content of these summaries might change a bit since reading will likely follow the technologies I use in my daily life, but the main focus point will still be PHP.

Symfony 4 released

Just over a month ago the next major Symfony version, Symfony 4, was released. Jani Tarvainen listed some of the new major changes in his article 4 things I like about Symfony 4. On the Symfony blog they also posted a year in review.

Besides a new major version, Symfony also announced their new Diversity Initiative. I'm looking forward to see what this will entail, and how it will work out.

Secure coding practices

The beginning of a new year is often a time of reflection and making changes. Over at the Paragon IE they released a long-form Guide to building secure PHP software that can hopefully inspire some people to pick the habit of focusing more on security when writing software.

Don't make objects that end with 'er'

On a more curious note, Travis Griggs tells the story about one of the best bits of programming advice he ever got.